Grease Traps

Winnipeg's Top Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Shopping malls, food courts and restaurants often deal with grease traps found in basements, crawl spaces and suspended in ceilings. Without effective maintenance, these traps can lead to clogged drains and pipes which can produce a foul odour. Our preventative maintenance will help keep your restaurant running to assist in avoiding costly operation downtime. Please contact us about our effective scheduled maintenance plans. Reaching these hidden traps is the job of an expert. A-1 Environmental Services, with our specialized equipment, can easily access those hard to reach pits, gutters, and grease traps. For those hard to reach grease traps, we use our 50-gallon mobile vacuum units to pump up the liquid grease waste (vs liquid material). For the easy to reach grease traps, we use our specialized trucks to get the job done to pump and dispose.


Taking a proactive approach - please contact us about our line jetting service and grease trap cleaning to keep your drains and pipes healthy and flowing. If these services are combined on a regular basis, there will be no backups or stoppages. Our grease trap pumping and maintenance services are ideal for commercial kitchens where the production of grease is substantial. You can reach us now to save yourself from any trouble later on.

Grease Clogs

When was the last time you got your grease trap cleaned and serviced by an expert? We offer customized scheduled maintenance to prevent sewer back ups and costly downtime. Let our team look at your traps to ensure nothing is wrong!

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