At A-1 Environmental Services we offer a wide variety of liquid waste removal services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. With a large number of trucks and other cleaning equipment, we provide you with quick services. We have pick-up and drop-off shipment facilities for liquids over 1000 litres in Winnipeg. We also welcome drop-offs at our facilities in case you have a lower volume of liquids to dispose of. Garage cleaning or spring and fall cleaning, whatever you need, we are here for you. We also provide 24/7 emergency services in case of accidental oil spills. Just one call and our expert team will be there to serve you quickly.

We store your solvents, fuels, used lubricants, oil, and automotive liquids for recycling.


As your trusted liquid waste removal service provider, A-1 Environmental Services strives to serve you right every time. We offer a number of specialized services to ensure that every commercial and industrial liquid waste is safely treated and removed. If you’re a car dealership or a company that often changes oil, we are your trusted liquid waste removal specialists in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.

This is what keeps us ahead of the competition:

  • Recycle and recover: Oils, filters, antifreeze, waste solvents, absorbents, waste glycol, light fuels and lubricants, we recycle a variety of liquid waste for reuse.
  • Emergency services: Along with providing scheduled services, we also provide emergency services to deal with industrial accidental spills caused by derailments, rollovers, tank overflows and ruptures.
  • Free estimates: We are always happy to provide free estimates for pick-ups, drop-offs and other cleaning services.
  • Cost-efficient solutions: We strive to provide services like solidifying, blending and neutralizing waste and sludge at affordable prices to our customers.
  • Expert team and latest technology: We have an expert team that employs the latest tools to provide services to car dealerships and companies that need oil change.

Who Benefits from Used Oil Recycling in Winnipeg?

After you have used your oil and gotten the most out of it, you would typically consider it waste and think about disposing of it. But that is not recommended, especially considering the environment and the option to limit waste through recycling. All you need to do is contact us, the professionals for handling your used oil. Below are some examples of who can benefit from our services:

Factories and corporate establishments

Factories and other businesses usually must pay a lot of money for the disposal of waste materials that they produce. These waste materials often include oil. But even after spending the money, there is no guarantee that your waste disposal contractor will manage the used oil correctly. If an accident occurs, which causes an oil spill and damages the environment, you will be held liable with even more costs to deal with. On the other hand, by recycling oil through our services, you are guaranteed a safe and affordable plan for your oil.


Due to their works' nature, garages often accumulate a significant amount of wasted oil from cars, bikes, trucks etc. This oil has to be stored in special containers. Special care needs to be taken while storing the oil to ensure it doesn't leak and damage human, animal, or plant life. This process not only requires significant effort but also a lot of time and money. By collecting your used oil, we can save you the effort and costs.


If you want to get rid of your liquid waste and work towards a better and cleaner environment, we can help.