For well over 70 years, A-1 Environmental Services has offered septic tank cleaning in Winnipeg and around Manitoba, in addition to other hazardous waste removal services like cartage, storage and disposal services. As a licensed dangerous goods carrier strongly committed to safety, we provide trusted service province-wide, with 24-hour emergency service for urgent situations such as emergency spills. We even offer a hazardous waste storage facility.

We are proud to be a Canadian family-owned and operated company. Albert Rousseau started the company in 1951. Albert then sold the company to his son Ernie Rousseau in 1977. Ernie inherited a strong work ethic from his parents Albert & Yvonne and gradually assumed the role of owner/operator at A-1 Environmental Services, the family business. Ernie’s son, Ian Rousseau joined the company in 2000 and continues the family tradition to this day.


Since our founding in 1951, A-1 Environmental Services has been dedicated to keeping Manitoba’s environment free of hazardous waste. To that end, we do our best to quickly remove and responsibly dispose of any waste that could harm our pristine outdoors. Furthermore, we consider safety one of our top priorities and comply with all relevant safety regulations.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about our company and what we do. We look forward to serving your needs. We are proud to be Manitoba’s top waste hauling company!

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