Grease Trap Cleaning Guide for Restaurants, Hotels, & More

A single litre of unrecycled oil can pollute up one million litres of fresh groundwater.

Your commercial kitchen is the center of your business. Your customers and the communities you serve to deserve the utmost care for their health and safety. Is it time for you to clean your drains, grease traps or perform tank cleaning upkeep?

You'll need to know where you can find expert knowledge and resources for your business.

Grease Trap Cleaning Requires a Specialist 

Grease trap cleaning in Winnipeg is the same as in any other place; it should be done often and usually requires a specialist with many years of training.

Grease trap cleaning and other waste removal processes can be dangerous because of the reactions certain substances can cause in the environment. What you remove from your tank or grease trap must be disposed of properly to protect the environment.

Grease extracted from these traps must be discarded with specialty disposal. Only trained professionals have the right equipment to do this properly.

Look online and do your research! Never choose the first company you come across. Ensure they have a strong reputation with positive customer feedback.

Questions to Ask the Specialist

  • What is the history of your business?
    Ensure that the staff is adequately trained and have years of experience working with other businesses within the same industry you are in.

  • Where do the oil and fat go after being collected?

    A restaurant owner or hotel Operations Manager needs to think about where the grease is going after it is cleaned from the traps. Choose a company that reuses the collected grease for biofuel or recycles it properly to not end up in groundwater. This can be a huge benefit to your business’ branding as you can highlight having a sustainability initiative in place.

  • Do you handle emergency calls and schedule maintenance visits?

    Depending on the business you run, your kitchen might need an emergency visit from the grease trap contractor. Ensure the company will be available around the clock so you can rely on them when you need it most. You also want to note when the company can come next for routine maintenance visits.

Maintenance Details

Commercial kitchens should clean grease traps weekly, although it also depends on the size of the grease trap. When this is not done properly, this can cause many problems. Not only will your plumbing be damaged in your business, but it can lead to a foul-smelling odour and much more severe issues of a larger scale.

Leaking grease traps can cause damage to public sewer lines. This is not only a dangerous problem but a very costly one in terms of repairs.

Not only should you clean your grease traps for the health and safety of your patrons, but it is also illegal to operate without a strict log of your maintenance schedule.

The health concerns the come along with running a commercial kitchen are your responsibility as a business owner. 

Your Business Deserves a Sanitary Space

Grease trap cleaning in Winnipeg is just as important a task as many other places. The most important aspect is how to find trusted professionals who will do a detailed cleaning of your system.

The reputation of your business and as a public service institution depends on the health and safety of your customers and communities.

This is essential work. Make sure you are operating with your best and most sanitary establishment. Hire a grease trap cleaning expert to get the job done right and feel good knowing you ensure health and safety at your establishment.