Make your outdoor events comfortable for your guests by providing them with the best amenities, including top-notch portable toilets in Winnipeg from A-1 Environmental services. When hosting a large gathering or even a small outdoor event, you want everything to be perfect. So when quality and efficient service count in your portable toilet rental arrangements, count on our professional team for well-maintained sanitary facilities. We offer flexible rental durations, ranging from weeks to several months. Throughout your rental period, we have you covered for all comfort and safety needs, such as delivery and setup, weekly servicing and maintenance..

Popular Add-ons for Your Toilet Rentals in Winnipeg

For your convenience, our rental toilets come with various add-ons. You can choose additional amenities such as:

  • Hand-sanitizers
  • Insulation jackets for the cold
  • Heaters inside the units
  • Lifting slings for high-rise buildings

To learn more about our add-on features, please speak to us.

Find the Right Rental for Your Needs

We offer several types of portable toilets that are appropriate for various uses. We personalize based on your needs and can offer portable toilets for diverse settings such as:

  • Construction sites
  • Agricultural sites
  • Outdoor events such as weddings and concerts
  • Convenience stores
  • Government projects
  • Campgrounds
  • Golf courses

We include portable toilet rentals for convenience stores, weddings and outdoor events in winnipeg

If you're wondering whether our portable toilets in Winnipeg are right for you, please speak to us.

Maintenance Included

When it comes to portable toilets, maintenance is essential. When you rent our portable toilets, we take charge of the maintenance to ensure proper sanitization and keep the units functioning. The regularity of the maintenance depends on several factors such as the setting and the weather. For instance, a portable toilet on a roofing site will require servicing after short intervals due to the build-ups of tar. A portable toilet rental for golf courses, on the other hand, will require a lower number of service sessions. Similarly, there is a need for increased maintenance services during Winnipeg's winter to prevent water from freezing. You have the flexibility to choose how often you would like the toilets to be serviced. Our team of professionals can also guide you during the booking process

Please note, while our team will take care of maintenance, the renter is responsible for damages if incurred. Call to learn more

Portable Toilets Rental Event

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A-1 Environmental Services can also match your events with the right number of units in proportion to your size of gatherings. With an extensive fleet of units available, you trust us to accommodate your most outdoor needs. Get in touch with us to plan a cost-effective rental solution for your site!